Services (India) Pvt Ltd
Incorporated on 25th April 1996 with the following main objective

1. To take over the firm M/s Services India alongwith all its assets and liabilities and the said firm shall cease to exist on such take over.

2. To promote India's domestic and international trade through exhibitions and fairs, conferences and seminars, buyer-seller meets, franchising arrangements, business management and marketings advisory and consultancy, advertising and publicity through print-media and television, job-work, printing and publishing, circulation, discounting and representation, computer software. computer data-bank, programming, networking and multi-media, communication aids and telecom services, stock-brokering, stock-investments and financial services, recruitment and employment of personnel for trade, commerce and industrial establishments, cargo, courier and agency services educational and cultural activities and all other services.

3. To promote India's tourism and travel trade in domestic and foreign markets through travel expositions, travel marts and fairs, conferences and conventions, hotels and resorts-management, restaurant management and catering services, reservation/booking services for hotels and other accommodation resorts, travels and tours by air, surface, food festivals and cultural shows, recruitment of professionals for providing services required by all segments of tourism and travel trade.

4. To establish and run on commercial lines India International trade exchange and India International travel exchange for promoting trade and travel between India and other countries of the world.

5. To cooperate with other such organisations and institutions for promotion of art, culture, business and travel in India and abroad.

6. To cooperate with other such organisations and institutions for promotion of exhibitions and entertainment activities in India or abroad.